The Carlos Eduardo Frias Foundation is a non-profit organization sponsored by ARS Publicidad. It was established on February 12, 1987 with the purpose of creating and supporting activities to collaborate with the education and training of Advertising and Communication professionals in general and to project the name of Carlos Eduardo Frias as a pioneer and founder of an advertising concept. Venezuelan with a high professional, ethical level and defender of the traditional values ​​of our identity.
This philosophy has become a reality through numerous, small and large, activities in various fields of professional work:
• Academic Internship Program
• Carlos Eduardo Frias Award
• ARS Publishers
• Owned Training Programs
• Alliances with Educational Institutions and Unions

Academic Internship Program: The Academic Internship Program was created in 1989 as a contribution from the Foundation and ARS to the theoretical and practical training of future Communication professionals. Its objective is to support and/or promote the integral development of the Venezuelan student in the area of ​​integral communications, through the exchange of experiences and practices within the agency.

Carlos Eduardo Frias Award: It was instituted in 1988 as a permanent stimulus to the search for excellence and with the purpose of collaborating with the formation of the next generation in the areas associated with communication. To date, more than 5,000 works/graduate theses have been received and prizes have been awarded to more than 175 participants.

ARS Publishers: At ARS we have not only made jingles, billboards or commercials. Also, books, published directly by the ARS or by the Carlos Eduardo Frias Foundation, always with Venezuela as the leading theme. Some have hit the market; others we made just as a gift for fellow readers. To next, some of them.
• Trip to Frailejon (1955)
• Three Venezuelan Poems (1958)
• Bolivar. Image of the Liberator (1971)
• Marcel Floris (1973)
• The Elliptical Hall of the National Congress: our epic (1976)
• Luis Carlos Fajardo and his characters (1981, reissued by Random House Mondadori in 2006)
• The Stone and the Mirror (1985)
• Time Pages (2002)
• Carlos Eduardo Frias (2006)
• Memories of a veteran publicist. A very incomplete history of Venezuelan advertising (2010)

Owned Training Programs: At ARS we believe in cultivated talent. That is why we have our own programs for the training of our people and also for Communication professionals. Among these programs are:
• The quarry
• Young talents

Alliances with Educational Institutions and Unions: ARS has assumed its responsibility to contribute to the education, training and improvement of communication professionals. For this reason, it has always established alliances with various Union and Educational institutions, among which the following stand out:
• Venezuelan Federation of Advertising Agencies, FEVAP
• National Association of Advertisers, ANDA
• Andres Bello Catholic University, UCAB
• Monteavila University, UMA
• Metropolitan University, UNIMET
• Central University of Venezuela, UCV